Clivus Multrum Composting Toilets

How does it benefit the environment?


  • Clivus facilities are self-contained and do not discharge pollution.
  • The concentrated, source-separated end-product is clean and
    can (in contrast to sewage treatment sludge) sustain agriculture
    without ruination of soils.


We need to give back to the soil what we took out - but only what we took out

If we don't, we empowerish the soils and we pollute the lakes, rivers and oceans. This is
<----------what is often done now...

Sewage treatment plants only partially restores the water.

The sludge taken out of large sewer systems contains all the materials society wants to get rid of ... the most serious of which are heavy metals which keeps accumulating in soils.


For maintenance of healthy soils, nutrients returned to farmland need to be as clean as we can keep them ...

Nutrients MUST BE separated and treated at the source for this to happen
<---- source separation


With a Clivus Multrum the solid organic material can be retained for decades. The principal end-product is an odor free and safe to handle concentrated plant nutrient in liquid form.

Using Clivus, there is no transportation of waste.




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