Clivus Multrum Toilets - Key Benefits:

  • Always Odour-free Washrooms
    Because of Clivus ventilation design, public washrooms fitted with Clivus toilets are completely odour-free. As public toilets often remain un-flushed, they are often malodourous

  • Uninterrupted Operation
    No clogging, no failing water supply, no mechanical problems
  • No Water Consumption or Pollution
    Important obviously in areas experiencing water shortage and water pollution problems
    - -

  • Inexpensive to Purchase & Operate
    Low infrastructural demand reduces costs
  • Space Requirement Confinded to Washroom Footprint
    Treatment units stays within the footprint of the bathroom
    since no external treatment space is required
  • Beneficial End - Products
    Directly usable, concentrated liquid and solid end-products
  • No Waste Transportation
    The only transportation required may concern the collection of safe, treated fertilizer end-products - not raw waste
  • Safe and Hygienic
    Publc toilets--in contradistinction to those in the home-- seldom get flushed after use. Furthermore, public toilets are apt to get alot more paper and other debris put down them which clog them and cause overflow problems
  • Easier to Clean Bathrooms
    Toilet paper which can litter public toilet stalls can simply be put down a Clivus toilet chute